New Gambling Restrictions In Australia

The Australian Government has recently undergone some changes, as the result Julia Gillard has become the Prime Minister of the country. That is she who has banned local players to play slot machines or any other gambles in Australian casino, believing that such hobby of Australian citizens is detrimental to the economy. Certainly, the online casinos’ players are deeply disagree as well as some officials who knows the local traditions and realizes that it makes no sense to prohibit national online slots pokies, which have appeared in Australia and is still in great demand all over the world.

While the Australian government is fighting for slot machines, the Australian players in online casinos prefer not to waste time. They play online slots pokies illegally, quietly disturbing existing gambling laws by visiting the sites of foreign casino operators. From this we can conclude that the national game of chance in gambling machines should be legalized in Australia at all costs, despite the efforts of Gillard.

As the Frenchmen love roulette, presenting today in many online casinos, so the Australians play slots pokies, considering their national casino gamble. Therefore, officials who defend the legalization of slot machines games online can win over new elections in Australia.