New Gambling Restrictions In Australia

The Australian Government has recently undergone some changes, as the result Julia Gillard has become the Prime Minister of the country. That is she who has banned local players to play slot machines or any other gambles in Australian casino, believing that such hobby of Australian citizens is detrimental to the economy. Certainly, the online casinos’ players are deeply disagree as well as some officials who knows the local traditions and realizes that it makes no sense to prohibit national online slots pokies, which have appeared in Australia and is still in great demand all over the world.

While the Australian government is fighting for slot machines, the Australian players in online casinos prefer not to waste time. They play online slots pokies illegally, quietly disturbing existing gambling laws by visiting the sites of foreign casino operators. From this we can conclude that the national game of chance in gambling machines should be legalized in Australia at all costs, despite the efforts of Gillard.

As the Frenchmen love roulette, presenting today in many online casinos, so the Australians play slots pokies, considering their national casino gamble. Therefore, officials who defend the legalization of slot machines games online can win over new elections in Australia.

Casino Deposits

Making your casino deposit couldn’t be easier. We’ll walk you through the process and more than likely after your first deposit, you’ll be an old hand at it. Your first step is to register your casino account, giving accurate personal information is a must. The casino has to be able to verify your identity and age, and will need your information when you make withdrawals. Your security is top priority and these steps are part of their security measures. None of your information will be shared with anyone else.

When you have your account ID, log in to the casino and click on the cashier button. Inside the cashier, you’ll see options for making deposits and withdrawals. Each method has it’s own merits and are based on the needs of individual players. For instance, there are some methods that are available only to players in Europe, other are used when a player doesn’t want to enter his or her personal banking or credit card information each time they make a deposit. These act as a middle man for making deposits. Check each one out, there are bound to be at least one that is suitable to your specific needs.

Casino deposits are credited instantly in most cases and will be waiting for you in the casino. A few methods have varying time frames that the deposit will be credited, such as Wire Transfer and check, Ukash for UK casino players or money order. The times will vary depending on how long it takes for the funds to clear the casino’s bank. Some wire transfer can be instant, others take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. It’s always advisable to use one of the other banking methods when possible, to avoid these delays.

Security is always a concern, not only for you but for the casino as well. Each time you use a banking method for the first time, you will no doubt need to register with the website offering the banking method. In general you’ll be asked for your banking or financial institution’s details, your address, email address, age, phone number and to set up a security question to prove your identity if any questions should arise or you need to retrieve your log in information for the website. These measures are designed to keep you safe and all your transactions as well.

About Casino Bonus Offers

Online casinos give you bonuses and promotions in several forms.

No Deposit Bonus

First is the no deposit bonus. With this casino bonus, you can claim the free money basically to try out the casino at their expense. There are requirements to claiming this bonus and they may vary from casino to casino. One of the main requirements is that you register a credit card or alternate deposit option. This is to insure the casino that you are a serious player, not a bonus hunter who just collects the free money from as many casinos as possible and then never deposits. There are also wagering requirements that casinos impose on this type of bonus. Usually it is that you wager the bonus anywhere from 8 times, up to 20 times and in some cases more. You can play certain games with these bonuses as well, the lower risk games being disqualified from meeting the wagering requirements. Examples of the games not allowed are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps.

Percentage Bonus

The next type of casino bonuses is the percentage or purchase bonus. The amount is set by the casino, and normally it will be at least 20% and can go up to several hundred percent. This does extend your play time, giving you a greater chance of winning, and the wagering requirements are not usually as stringent as they are with no deposit bonuses. Always, read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonus. Before attempting to cash out on a bonus, contact the casino customer support to verify that all conditions have been met. This will help the withdrawal process go much smoother.

Match Bonus

A match bonus will double your deposit with restrictions on the amount you can claim. For instance, a casino may offer a 100% match bonus up to $150.00. What this means to you is that you can claim up to $150.00 as long as you deposit at least $150.00.